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Voyage of a Visionary

Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough~ Emily Dickinson.
And to make it joyous, there is Karma Lakelands.

exterior view at Karma Lakelands - Karma Lakelands

Nestled in the quieter fringes of Gurgaon lies an impressive 235-acre haven of nature and greenery. It’s an oasis of joy that welcomes you to a 9-hole lush green golf course, nurturing 5 forest Zones using recycled water. Rainwater harvesting, organic farming, farm animals, bio-composting of food waste from 5 restaurants & residences, and extensive use of solar power are among the many sustainable hallmarks of the golf resort.

Last month, it was our very first family trip to this greenfield. I could not hold back my curiosity when I met Ashwani Khurana, (eco-entrepreneur and the Founder-CEO of Karma Lakelands); what was his motivation to cultivate a dream so unique?

When a person, with no prior experience in construction, nor hospitality, neither hailing from a rich business family, and without any inheritance per se, bought his first piece of land way back in 1989 with the sole purpose of planting trees and vowed to plant 1,00,000 trees in a decade, it must be unique.

It’s the story of a leader with a long-term vision and clear perspectives. Ashwani, the humble visionary as he is, revealed the story of his friendship with the legendary artist Nek Chand, the creator of Chandigarh's Rock Garden, and his contribution to making Karma Lakelands a reality. It grew from a profound enthusiasm for the environment and devotion to greening the soil.

a team cutting a cake

Ashwani’s leadership manifests in every element that’s constructed and construed. Built on the non-compromising pillars of sustainability (no honking, no plastic, an anti-single use products policy & smoking enforced only in designated spots). You will find a meditation (Isha) room, bee farming, impeccably clean roads, the golf course, and a disciplined team of gracious staff greeting you with a warm Namaskar. The 5.00 pm National Anthem at the 108 Foot flag happens daily with the visitors joining in if they wish. Everything has a purpose; humanity can prosper only when in harmony in nature.

Meeting Ashwani confirmed my opinion that for a great leader, #clarity of values and adherence to those values are not only critical but unputdownable too. But what makes Ashwani a transformative leader is his sense of responsibility, which he has been delivering responsibly and equitably. He has comfortably let go of the ME in him for a larger WE, for a greater good.

- Amit Chawla
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