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The Staycation Gateway

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The Work-Life Balance

Staycations, vacations that are taken not too far away from home, have lately emerged as the perfect go-to destination to achieve a work life balance that is being discussed endlessly by life coaches and HR professionals alike. They provide you with an opportunity to get away from home, the default workplace of today, and shoot the breeze in an ambience that is conducive to your physical and mental wellbeing. You can conveniently say good bye to potential pain points and stress mongers such as airports, jet lag and extremely long drives when you go on a staycation.

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Unparalleled Exposure to Greenery and Sustainability

Since today’s hectic and fast-paced lifestyle has literally isolated us from nature, staycations are a perfect way to reconnect with nature, especially when you take a staycation at a venue that is green, clean and serene. Look for staycation hotspots where you can take long rambling walks with little or no traffic in sight, where the birds chirp merrily and passers-by wave at you with a smile. You are bound to notice the rejuvenation magic once you return to work. “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way,” the master wealth creator, Napoleon Hill once said.


Staycation Elation

While there is always the dreadful possibility of your boss finding out that you are vacationing not too far from home thus providing management with a pretext to suddenly call you back to work, you can avoid such dreadful happenstances by not responding to email messages, not picking up the phone, not divulging your location, and most importantly, not opening WhatsApp messages from workgroups. It is finally time for me-time.

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Celebrate and Staycate

If your online quest for that memorable staycation is your favourite pastime these days, Karma Lakelands in Gurugram is the perfect answer. 235 acres of lush greenery with an unqualified commitment to sustainability and eco-responsible living, magnificently appointed villas and cottages, five F&B outlets and a spa not to mention exquisitely planned eco-tours that take you to a jungle right within the resort, Karma Lakelands will never disappoint you.