The Lockdown Revelations | Karma Lakelands

The Lockdown Revelations


Our residents recount their quarantine experiences at Karma Lakelands during the recent lockdown that brought life to a halt as the country braced itself for a drawn out battle against Covid 19.

Paradise Gained

It is 0615 am, we exit our home and turn right onto Bougainvillea Avenue, only a few steps past RD and Kailash’s home, the Bougainvillea are coming into full bloom. They’re paler this year – COVID maybe ? Perhaps they will get deeper as the sun gets stronger. But the variety of color is amazing – orange, pink, red, whites, all resplendent in a beautiful palette. It is so beautiful that we decide not to turn at the fifth hole but carry on down the road to enjoy the last stretch which is always the most colorful. It does not disappoint – they say bougainvillea blooms in misery, so this section must be the most water starved because they are in full bloom ! We reach the end of the Drive and decide to make a right. Another slice of paradise – the Amaltas on both sides of the road are in full bloom and there is a beautiful golden carpet of fallen Amaltas flowers decorating both sides of the road. The trees are bedecked with their golden ornaments all set to embrace the passions of the summer sun. We are too drunk on the beauty around us to observe some movement on the right – and almost walk past. Some sixth sense makes me focus on the clearing on the right – and there is a peacock practicing his seduction in full plumage. He twirls a couple of times for us and then stalks away regally.


We decide to get adventurous and take a right along an abandoned path going into the Karma jungle. Some movement in the bushes diagonally ahead – and yes, it is the swishing tails of a small herd of Nilgai sheltering in a grove of trees. They shy away as we approach and we are apologetic that we disturbed them. We emerge onto the main road and after a few steps, hop over the checkpost on the right to enter the golf course on the tee box of the 7th hole. And there it is – one of the most beautiful sights at Karma Lakelands – the giant lotus ponds. We’ve never seen lotus leaves this big – and since it’s a cloudy morning and the sun not up yet, the flowers are still semi closed. An amazing sight, enhanced by the variety of bird life around the pond. We continue towards the 7th green and watch a golfer hit his (third?) shot onto the green – I lose sight of the ball but miraculously, a white dot appears on the lush green surface, rolling steadfastly towards the pin. We’re enjoying the walk so much and decide to extend it – turn left and walk along the silver oaks towards the 8th green. The sky is cloudy and the bare tree on the 8th green looks almost defiantly against the dark, cloudy sky. We make a U turn and walk back towards the 9th hole. There’s a Kingfisher perched on the top of the tall tree on the left of the cart path – and a coucal scurries away. The first hole is getting crowded with Saturday morning golfers impatient to tee off. We regretfully retrace our steps, pausing only to admire the beautiful fountains in full flow 0700 am and we are back home.What an absolutely glorious way to start the day !!