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Consecrating the Banner of Patriotism

An Indian flag being hoisted during daytime

India’s National flag is a depiction of its social, economic and political values, which represents our national honour and sentiments as a people. It carries the values on which our nation is based. For the people of India, it is not simply a flag but holds immense cultural and spiritual value.

Flags were originally used in warfare as an insignia of leadership and as rallying points for the cause and country that they represented. They are now extensively used for decoration and are a symbolic display of our pride and honour and the freedom that we share as a nation.

In the words of Ashwani Khurana, “The year was 2010, and the occasion was solemn. There had been two young deaths in the family and to put it mildly, the environment was as melancholic as it could get.

Sikh Ragis were invited for kirtan and their singing generated energy that was so healing.
I escorted the Ragis to their car and as they were leaving I was taken aback to see the latest Mercedes Benz arrive to pick them up. The venue was K Villa, Vasant Kunj, the Karma Lakelands Headquarters cum Khurana family home.”

Interestingly, the main Ragi turned out to be Daljeet Singh, the Founder-Chairman of AIPL, a
high class boutique Real Estate company.

“The National Flag and the Anthem Ritual at K Villa started after it became legal for individual citizens to exercise their right to fly their own flags. This was November 2022, when Daljeet who is one of my dearest friends now, had joined us for evening tea at the Lake 360 our golf & Lakeside outdoor restaurant right across the previous 12-foot national flag.

The National Anthem happens here with staff and visitors joining in at 5 p.m. 365 days a year. The Independence & Republic days are ceremoniously celebrated in particular. Daljeet joined us in singing the National Anthem and later mentioned that all their projects have a 100-foot high national flag. He suggested that keeping the fire of Patriotism & Environmental Responsibility which was another manifestation of Nationalism in team Karma, an imposing size & stature of a 100-foot flag could be a great idea.

An Indian flag being hoisted during daytime

I responded that cash flows were a little stretched and we were pre-committed to more survival issues for now while it was surely on our “to do” list. Daljeet immediately and emphatically insisted that AIPL sponsor the erection of the 100-foot flag.”

“As a believer in graces, whether in receiving or in giving, I immediately agreed to this
generous offer. We commenced working on the flag that very day of November 22, the birthday of Diki, the first lady of Karma Lakelands with the aim of doing the formal inauguration on Republic Day, January 26, 2023. Indeed, the Engineering & Construction teams of AIPL & Karma Lakelands met with the stringent deadline.

Somewhere down the line, a numerologist came up with the suggestion of a 108-foot flag instead of the proposed 100-feet and that’s what we now have.

Over a telephonic conversation, Mr. Khurana further shared his views on what it means to be a patriot. A patriot is someone who takes care of his environment, is considerate and respectful, and is mindful of his actions. It is a symbol of his passionate commitment to spreading the lofty ideals of sustainability and spirituality.

A flag is therefore a distillation of the philosophy and ideals of those who carry it. It is a living embodiment of that ideal and not simply a mere installation fluttering in the wings. True to this and with great pride, we honour our country’s flag by singing the national anthem with full fervour and devotion every single day at Karma Lakelands.

The whole point of having a majestic flag sway gently in the skies is a silent reminder for us to awaken to our own sense of patriotism for our great nation.

The Banner of Patriotism at Karma Lakelands remains a trailblazer true to the blue Indian skies of freedom and joy.