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Exchanging rings and tying the knot with your beloved can't get any merrier. With grand banquet halls, spacious green lawns and the perfect ambience for the occasion, Karma Lakelands sets the benchmark for spectacular wedding resorts in Gurgaon. We recently hosted the first-ever wedding in India in the middle of the golf course on the fairway. We have a dedicated team of event managers that can plan your wedding and its execution without a hiccup, and decorate the venue as per your dreams!

In the midst of a chaotic city, our event halls are peaceful locations with the perfect backdrop for your perfect evening. As the sun sets at the end of the day, the trees and the plants in Karma Lakelands whistle and wave, welcoming the cool breeze of the evening. The beautiful canopy of trees and the flowers that emanate a sweet fragrance makes us one of the best resorts near Delhi for wedding purposes. This picturesque scenery is the perfect spot to have your banquets, dining and even after parties, and make a million memories!

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