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Karma Villas


The tale of Karma Lakelands begins and continues, with the idea of discovery and new experiences. Past the lush greenery, and sparkling lakes, lies Karma Villas. Our team, almost all of whom are locals, work in close conjunction, leveraging their proximity and background to create authentic experiences for our guests.

Presidential Villa

The architectural brilliance and sprawling surroundings of the majestic villa provide an amazing experience. This largest villa at Karma has an attached infinity pool, a deck area by the lake, expansive lawns, a beautiful orchard, a lounge area, and a games corner, all with a soft, subtle, and welcoming atmosphere. Explore the natural paradise in a truly exquisite way here!


Orchard Villa

Exhibiting great passion and warmth, this classic villa is part of the exclusive and limited design offerings by Karma. With an enchanting Spanish feel and an orchard in the backyard, the villa comes across as uniquely stylish and authentic, redefining luxury in a minimalistic way. Perfect ambience for creating some beautiful memories!

Hummingbird Villa

An exquisite property with spectacular design features, Hummingbird Villa is a delight for guests. Located in close proximity to Klub Karma and the badminton court, it has always been the hub of all activities. A preferred shooting venue for web series and advertisements, it offers a magnificent mix of opulence, love and joy.

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Rock Garden Villa

Offering a spectacular view outside, the villa is inspired by the iconic Rock Garden in Chandigarh. A truly mesmerizing ambience, the interplay of soft and bright colours on different walls and ample natural light, accentuates the beauty of this architectural marvel. Come and indulge in the luxury of this beautifully crafted space to cherish a memorable stay.

Kingfisher Villa

Go exploring! Kingfisher Villa, named after the vividly coloured bird, exudes a tremendous amount of warmth and joy. The interaction of various hues and patterns gives it a distinctly fashionable and real texture. The expansive property's natural beauty is enhanced by the front and back gardens, and the breath-taking lake vista makes it the ideal setting for quality family time.

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Golf Villa 49 by Ama Stays & Trails
Taj Group

It has four bedrooms with attached bathrooms that accommodate eight guests. The villa features a spacious living and dining room area plus a fully equipped kitchenette. Villa 49 has a dedicated chef who is trained to serve you royal-style cuisine.

Pranavam Villa

The irresistible natural beauty and soulful tranquillity of Pranavam Villa, makes it an unforgettable experience for everyone. A breathtaking view of the golf course interspersed with lush green private gardens and a waterbody add to the charm of staying in this majestic place and getting closer to the nature.

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Villa du Lac by Karma Chalets

In the lap of luxury, this quintessentially contemporary stay is a thoughtful curation of heartfelt hospitality. Breath-taking views of the Golf course and a lake, coupled with haute culinary selection, an exclusive wade pool, a private spa and sauna, and your desired check-in and check-out times make for an immersive all-sensory getaway in nature.

Albatross Villa

This elegant and spacious villa redefines luxury by combining minimalistic looks with vibrant interiors. A preferred option for parties and get-togethers, the villa has sprawling front lawns with beautiful landscaping. Offbeat design and lively custom furniture give this modern abode a cosy look and a happy feeling.

Wildflower Villa

Delve into the old-world charm of this beautifully decked-up villa. The rich blend of classic exteriors and modern interiors gives it a distinct flavour and touch. Located in close proximity to Klub Karma, Wildflower Villa is the perfect abode for a peaceful sojourn with family and friends amidst the calming natural beauty of the sprawling surroundings.