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In Harmony with the Elements


The number of investments being made in resort real estate has been on the rise. Whether the idea is to live there or the purchase is a holiday home, majorly, the motivation (to buy) is the combination of amenities, convenience and returns.
However, it’s a fact that a villa or an apartment overlooking an open green belt always has the issue - who is going to maintain that space? The situation arises because the developer has completed his job and gone, society cannot afford its costly upkeep and the government…. well….



On this skilfully managed golf course, when the golfer walks across the estate, it confirms that he is primarily paying for its maintenance. The income generated is put back into the parkland’s conservation, benefitting the villa or apartment owner and safeguarding his interests. With active rainwater harvesting system and the use of treated effluent water for irrigation of the golf course (wherein water filters through the lawns), the resident is ensured of water being continually fed through the reservoirs Another major security aspect is 24x7 supply of power, clean drinking water and communication networks.


It is important to know that one acre of grass produces more oxygen per year than one acre of rainforest. (Research ‘Oxygen Production by UrbanTrees in the United States’, International Society of Arboriculture, Arboriculture & Urban Forestry2007. 33(3):220-226, David J. Nowak, Robert Hoehn, and Daniel E. Crane) Thus, a well-maintained golf course, using organic fertilizers and environment-friendly techniques, provides a healthy living space for you and your family. Since, what you eat, drink and breathe leads to a cheerful temperament, a positive living zone is bound to improve your lifestyle in many ways.


At KL golf estate, over the past 20 years, umpteen trees have been planted. You might have to wear running shoes to go around counting them! Such plantations attract a number of bird species and small animals, providing you and family the opportunity to ‘live with nature’ in the true sense. Imagine, walking along with your child when he/she suddenly discovers a colourful bird or creature and responds joyfully to it. Such memorable incidents often remain ingrained in the child’s mind forever. And you have shared them!


Successful golf communities offer more than just the sport. To the extent that these attract many non-golfer residents. KL has on offer a family-friendly clubhouse with a range of social gathering space, outdoor pool, restaurant and bar and a variety of activities for children. Additionally, it has walkways and bicycle tracks, giving it a real sense of community living. It’s akin to a village system, wherein you get acquainted with neighbours, many of who become your friends forever.


After a day’s work, when you return to your golf estate residence, the soothing green environment calms your mind immediately. The feeling can be compared to what you experience while meditating. You slow down a little, breathe deeper and get immersed in the beauty of life. This truly ‘is’ life, as it should be.


Any day you decide to sell a golf estate property, which has been meticulously looked after, it will fetch far better returns than any other residential property option. (GIA & Ken Research Report 2017 – The Indian Golf Industry & Real Estate)