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Sightseeing in Gurgaon: Experience the Other Side of Gurgaon

Escape the urban hustle of Gurgaon and explore its hidden treasures with our guide to tourist places near the city. Beyond the towering corporate structures, discover the serene Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, where migratory birds find refuge in a peaceful lake. Unveil the rich history of photography at the Vintage Camera Museum and bask in the tranquillity of Damdama Lake, offering both natural beauty and cultural heritage. Plan a day trip to Neemrana Fort Palace for a glimpse into Rajputana architecture and immerse yourself in the excitement of indoor ice skating at iSkate. Indulge in the perfect blend of exploration and relaxation, with Karma Lakelands as your luxurious haven, offering a guilt-free stay amidst nature's wonders.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in nature as you take a boat ride in a serene lake, in a sanctuary home to migratory birds. Away from the chaos of the city, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a paradise filled with natural wonders. Pack a pair of binoculars and your camera for this haven. 

A vintage camera

Vintage Camera Museum

Speaking of cameras, the Vintage Camera Museum in Gurgaon allows you to take a step back in time. The huge collection of antique cameras and photography equipment comes with their fascinating history. Do not miss out on this spot if you are a camera buff or a history enthusiast. 

Damdama Lake 

Enjoy a tranquil lake nestled among the Aravalli range just by yourself or in the company of your friends and family. Just a short ride away from your stay at Karma Lakelands lies the opportunity to go rock climbing or even go on a camel or horse ride along the lake shore. Damdama lake is not only a gateway to nature's beauty but also cultural heritage and unforgettable memories. If sightseeing in Gurgaon is what you are looking for Damdama Lake is the perfect escape. 

A close shot of pottery

Neemrana Fort Palace 

Plan a day trip to to Neemrana Fort Palace to immerse yourself in Rajputana architecture and explore tourist places near Gurgaon. Walk through the fort and admire the intricate carvings on the stone, massive courtyards and secret passages that displays a tale of a bygone era. While at Neemrana do not forget to participate in activities like pottery making and cooking classes and when you wish to immerse yourself in culture there are folk dance performances conducted as well. After a full day of sightseeing rest your body and soul at Karma Lakelandsand enjoy a luxurious stay without harbouring any guilt of harming the environment. 


Check out the indoor ice skating rink at Ambience Mall in Gurgaon before your shopping spree. The well-maintained and expansive skating rink is perfect for both beginners and experts. Additionally, it has come up as one of the excellent Gurugram tourist places in the area. Do not fret if you have never donned skates before for the instructors at iSkate offer both individual and group lessons. It is the perfect activity for all seasons.

A close shot of ice skating

As you wrap up your sightseeing escapades near Gurgaon, return to the eco-friendly luxury of Karma Lakelands. Our resort, with its array of amenities, stands as the ideal stay option, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort and adventure. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of our award-winning 9-hole golf course, relish mouth-watering dishes, and cherish the memories crafted at nearby attractions. Whether it's a boat ride in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary or a historic journey through Neemrana Fort Palace, let Karma Lakelands be your gateway to unparalleled experiences and unmatched hospitality.