Nek Chand - The Inspirational Cornerstone of Karma Lakelands


Legends are eternal! Through their words and actions they continue to inspire others forever. The story of legendary artist Nek Chand, the famous creator of Chandigarh's Rock Garden and his contribution in making Karma Lakelands a reality is one such remarkable tale of inspiring ideas and extraordinary actions.
In 1979-80, Ashwani Khurana, CEO, Karma Lakelands, had a chance encounter with Padma Shree Awardee Nek Chand ji. As destiny desired, they continued to interact and their relationship turned into a deep friendship. The master creator inspired Ashwani Khurana to develop a keen interest in tree planting. His interest over the years transformed into a strong passion toward promoting responsible ecological practices.
Just as the phenomenal Rock Garden stemmed from Nek Chand's sincere desire to minimize waste and transform it into a colossal piece of art, Karma Lakelands sprouted from a deep passion for the environment and commitment to greeting earth.


Karma Lakelands showcases a mosaic of golf sculptures created by Anuj Saini, Nek Chand's son. On display are statues that were gifted to us by the master himself in 1990. At Karma Lakelands, we dedicate these spaces and a unique Rock Garden villa to the humble visionary who continues to inspire us.