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Responsible Living at Karma Lakelands


Eco initiatives have always been at the heart and helm of most endeavours at Karma Lakelands ever since the resort was developed. From being a zero-waste resort to planting trees, practicing bee farming and making compost, life at Karma is an incredible example for meaningful and sustainable existence.
For consumers, environmental sustainability and luxury are becoming a single value proposition, which is why Karma Lakelands is proud to be a modern and innovative eco sustainable resort. The founder and CEO of Karma Lakelands, Mr. Ashwani Khurana, has been working to bring environmentally-conscious practices into the fore. Karma Lakelands is a zero-waste resort and follows several practices to create an ecological balance.


We believe in nature-friendly initiatives and conservation programs that support and promote sustainable living. Our resort strives to minimize our carbon footprint and support the initiatives to reduce the use of energy and water, while avoiding the use of plastic.
Sustainability is imperative to maintaining our quality and diversity of life on earth. We are aware of climate change and how crucial it is to be mindful while using the planet’s resources. That is why we practice rain water harvesting across the entire resort. It is an ancient Indian agricultural practice that influenced our journey to sustainability. Not only do we recycle the water at the resort, we even source waste water from nearby localities which is treated and then utilized for irrigation of the entire resort.
Karma Lakelands is run on the fundamental value of maintaining ecological balance and nurturing its surroundings. Our mission is to contribute in developing a sustainable lifestyle, to reduce carbon footprint and enhance biodiversity. Come, experience sustainable living with us at Karma Lakelands!

woman taking out a cabbage from ground on a farm