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Nature’s Teaching for the Next Generation

Teaching Farm-to-Table Concepts and More at Ankuram

Last year, we signed a partnership with Karma Lakelands to create an experiential farm on their property. Here, students learn to grow seasonal ingredients and study beekeeping, sustainable sourcing and other environmentally conscious practices. “We’ve already started cultivating new plants like tomatoes, lettuce and cabbage,” says chef Babu Nagarajan, our Director for Culinary Studies. “Teaching each part of farming helps us develop a holistic approach to culinary education! From preparing the earth to sowing the seeds, nurturing and harvesting the crops and finally using it in the best ways possible.”

Such practices allow students to understand where ingredients come from. They learn how to treat and respect their produce and become better chefs in the future. We also started vermicomposting the waste from our kitchens this month. In the process, we used worms bred in Africa called “night crawlers,” which work great for decomposing and fertilizing poor soil.“But organic farming in this climate or on this land is not easy,” says the chef. “The process requires careful attention and a keen understanding of plants and the soil they grow in. The end of March also saw unusual bursts of rain, a phenomenon uncommon in North India. While farmers across the country struggled to cope with the downpour, we found a way to protect and nourish our produce. Each was planted on inclined land to avoid water clogging and ensure that excess water flows towards a rain harvesting reservoir where it collects for other purposes.”

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A chef holding cabbage in a field during daytime - Karma Lakelands

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