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Nurture Children In Nature


At Karma Lakelands let your child connect with nature and explore its myriad forms in the most experiential way.
Every now and then we hear our parents and elders nostalgically reminiscing their own childhood - when outdoor was the natural domain of the children. In contrast, lives of children today are much different. They have few opportunities for outdoor play, their physical boundaries have shrunk and they rarely have ‘direct’ contact with the natural world. Invariably, the culture of childhood that played freely outside is gone and children’s everyday life has mostly shifted to viewing television and playing games on their smartphones.

This is despite the fact that the current generation of parents is more aware that growing up in close proximity to nature has a strong influence on children’s brains, bodies, and characters for later life. However, shrinking green spaces in urbanised jungles, lack of time and a monotonous daily schedule deprives them of the energy to look for the natural hotspots.

Nestled in the urban cacophony of Gurugram, yet closer to nature, Karma Lakelands, is a perfect destination for families who want to feel, sense and explore nature. Being an eco-friendly resort, Karma has much to offer to children. The sprawling green spaces at the resort provide children ample opportunities to explore, move about, and delve into natural environments. All these have immense emotional benefits as children feel more relaxed and less anxious, and restless.

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kids playing on a swing in playground

Furthermore, nature often brings out nurturing qualities in children.
From a dedicated play area and activity corner to spending time with farm animals, understanding bee farming and bio-composting to exploring the huge variety of plants in vegetable gardens and colourful nurseries, children can learn, enjoy and have great fun! This direct and spontaneous contact with nature will have an immensely positive impact on children’s social, psychological, academic and physical health.

Children growing in the lap of nature and continuously interacting with it will also improve their understanding, sensitivity and appreciation of natural beauty and its importance. If children develop an affinity towards nature along with a positive environmental ethic, the continuing loss of the natural environment could slow down in the near future.

Children will definitely love to experience the sights, scents, sounds, and textures of the vibrant biodiversity at Karma.
Let’s nurture a generation that values nature.
Senior Journalist – Rao Narender Yadav