8 Reasons to Stay with Karma Lakelands | Karma Lakelands

8 Reasons to Stay with Karma Lakelands


  1. Never closed, even for maintenance. It happens during lean days/hours without interrupting the game.
  2. Non-golfing companions can accompany & enjoy their camaraderie by walking along or being on the golf cart.
  3. No enforced golfing attire Puritanism. A golfer may choose to not wear a collared shirt, no compulsory tuck in or a belt. We even have barefoot golfers competing with the booted ones.
  4. There is a “No single use products policy.” There is no litter of cigarette butts, thermocol, paper cups or glasses.
  5. Smoking in designated spots only, is strictly enforced.
  6. The caddies are knowledgeable about the sport and actively participate in keeping the resort free of weeds and litter.
  7. The Karma cows, Chickens earthworms, humans and goats are busy in assisting with bio composting of golf, kitchens and garden waste.
  8. We use a mix of soil and bio compost to replace sand which is an inert material & not the best for divot fixing.