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Things to Do With Your Furry Friend on a Weekend

Pets require constant attention and care, resulting in them needing a constant human companion. This results in pet owners often staying home on most weekends, taking care of their furry friends. In the rare cases where the owners need to step out, they need to entrust their pet with loved ones on short notice. This sudden change in routine affects both the pet and their temporary caretakers.

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a pet owner embracing her dog

Fortunately, there has been a recent influx of places like hotels and cafes that cater to pets and their owners, offering stimulation and companionship for both parties. Pet-friendly cafes and parks are a common sight nowadays, which means the pets and owners can get some exercise while enjoying quality time together. If you have been planning a weekend getaway but are unsure of who to entrust your furry friend with while you are away, Karma Lakelands is your answer!

For residents of Delhi who have been on the lookout for pet friendly resorts in Delhi where one can relax with their furry friends by their side, Karma Lakelands is the ideal location for a getaway. Nestled amidst stunning nature, our resort is spread out over an area of 300 acres, which means there is a lot to do here! With a 9-hole golf course, an organic garden, an outdoor pool and multiple sports courts, the range of activities at our resort is massive.

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If you would rather just go on a long walk and explore with your pet, the vast expanse of our 300-acre dog friendly resort near Delhi is at your disposal. Tall woods, vast lawns, playgrounds and much more await you at Karma Lakelands. There are nature trails through the nearby forest where you can go on adventures with your pet by your side. You and your furry friend are guaranteed a great time on a hike through our forest, which is perfect for bird-watching and spotting butterflies and small, harmless animals. We also have a farm on site, which is home to poultry, cows and ducks. Pets and little ones will have a blast watching the animals in their natural habitat and learning more about them.

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Some other facilities that make Karma Lakelands among the best pet friendly resorts near Delhi include three categories of luxurious accommodations, three decadent dining options and eleven different indoor and outdoor venues that can host all kinds of events. Contact us to book your trip, and pack your bags to indulge in one of the best pet friendly weekend getaways near Delhi. Exhilarating adventures and indelible memories await you here!