Our Story and Values | Karma Lakelands

Sustainability at the Core: Karma Lakelands' Values

At Karma Lakelands, sustainability isn't just a concept; it's the heartbeat of our existence. We believe in forging a deep connection with nature while providing unparalleled luxury experiences. Our values are rooted in the fundamental belief that humanity thrives when in harmony with the environment. Guided by this ethos, we have cultivated a lifestyle where responsible living is not an option but a way of life.

Karma Lakelands' core values are:

  • Respect for Mother Earth and Nature: Actively engage to protect and enhance the natural world.

  • Inclusiveness: Foster an inclusive environment that welcomes and values diverse perspectives from guests, partners, and colleagues.
  • Ownership of commitment: Take personal responsibility for your commitments, and integrity.
  • Customer delight: Consistently exceed customer expectations to create memorable and positive experiences.

  • Continuous learning: Commit to ongoing personal and professional development to continuously improve.

  • Integrity: Uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethical behaviour in all interactions.

Our dedication to sustainability is visible in every aspect of our operations. Every project we undertake, from our luxurious homes to our award-winning golf course, is extremely mindful of our environmental responsibilities. To reduce our ecological impact, we place a high priority on ecological measures like solar energy utilisation, organic farming, and water harvesting. We also think it's important to give back to the community. We uphold our ideals of compassion and social responsibility by providing educational help and training in occupational skills to poor individuals through programmes like the Sanskriti Sourabh Educational Society.

Sustainability is not only a Goal at Karma Lakelands; it is a Way of Life. It influences our choices, deeds, and interpersonal relationships, guiding us towards a time when luxury and accountability coexist.

Key Sustainability Practices

Karma Lakelands is committed to four key sustainability practices: afforestation, zero waste management, water conservation, and permaculture farming. Through afforestation, over 200,000 trees have been planted across five forest areas, enhancing biodiversity and environmental stability. Our zero waste initiative implements comprehensive waste management, achieving zero waste and promoting environmental sustainability. Water conservation strategies include rainwater harvesting, the utilisation of recycled water, and strategic groundwater management. Additionally, permaculture farming fosters agricultural ecosystems in a self-sufficient and sustainable manner.

Sustainable Growth Initiatives

Karma Lakelands is dedicated to fostering sustainable growth through innovative initiatives:

  • Community Engagement: We actively involve our community in sustainable practices, organizing events and workshops to promote environmental awareness and participation.
  • Eco-Friendly Infrastructure: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our eco-friendly infrastructure, including solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and energy-efficient buildings.
  • Collaborative Partnerships: We forge partnerships with like-minded organizations to amplify our impact, working together on projects that promote environmental conservation and community development.

These initiatives underscore our holistic approach to sustainable growth, ensuring a positive impact on both the environment and society.

Future Sustainability Initiatives

Looking ahead, Karma Lakelands is committed to further sustainability initiatives. These include the development of Aranya Eco-Luxe Residences, a partnership with TERI to create a carbon net-neutral resort, and hosting a Sustainability Partners Meet. These initiatives showcase our dedication to environmental stewardship and our ongoing commitment to sustainable development.

Where Luxury and Responsibility Go Hand in Hand

Mr Ashwani Khurana, the CEO of Karma Lakelands, and renowned environmentalist acquired the first piece of land in 1989 with the sole purpose of planting trees, which today has evolved into a one-of-its-kind eco-responsible golf resort with luxury residences in Gurugram.
His passion for our environment is truly commendable. For him, the idea of Karma Lakelands was never a commerce-driven one. It was all about building an enabling environment for flora and fauna. Around that time, he vowed to plant 1,00,000 trees in a decade, and today Karma Lakelands is spread across 270 acres, stands beautiful and green with over 2,00,000 trees and plants.
The essence of Karma Lakelands is defined by its strong pillars which have been progressing with time.
  • An award-winning 9-hole boutique Golf Course
  • Luxury Residences: Karma Lakelands offers a variety of Karma Villas in idyllic locations taking maximum advantage of the gorgeous views and nature’s bounty. Replete with luxury and infused with resonant energies, these options provide a glimpse at responsible living without compromising on style & comfort. Our already existing villa community of happy residents are responsible for the environment. These villas in Gurgaon are available for long and short stays.
  • Klub Karma: It is a glamorous venue offering a grand ballroom, a conference room, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzi, Isha room for meditation, etc, and is supported by most sports, multiple F&B outlets, and event facilities.
  • Karma Chalets is our intimate boutique hotel in Gurgaon.
  • Ecological and sustainable activities like water harvesting, organic agro initiatives, solar energy utilization, 500,000 liters of sewage treatment on a daily basis for irrigation purpose, no honking policy (our guards respond to sight not sound), no plastics policy, eco-bricks, tree top development and many more, are not only encouraged but practised at Karma Lakelands.

Karma Lakelands is a destination for corporate retreats, conferences, golf tournaments, day activities, ad shoots, getaways, private parties, romantic sojourns, and more. We offer 4 different types of memberships – Klub Membership, Just Golf Membership, Golf + Klub Membership and Junior Karma Membership. Karma Lakelands recently hosted the first-ever wedding in India where the couple walked the aisle in the middle of the golf course on the fairway.

Mission Statement

We offer ourselves to mankind, with a firm belief that humanity can prosper only when in harmony with nature. Towards fulfilling our dreams, we relentlessly push forward to a vibrant and greener world. All that we do, our accomplishments and endeavours, will be defined by a principle centred discipline aimed at providing holistic recreation. With a desire burning deep in our hearts, we pledge to be exceptional people who are abundantly creative and respectfully interdependent on each other. Sustained by a commitment of men and women worthy of their word, we believe and uphold that by being faithful, prosperity and success will follow all the days of our life.

Luxury With a Heart

Luxury for us is not just about elite lifestyles, but humanity that nurtures the world around us. Cultivating nature, nurturing its elements and creating spectacular spaces around it, is our cornerstone.