Meet Our Team | Karma Lakelands

Meet Our Team


1. Ashwani Khurana

He is one of the most passionate environmentalists of our time. A visionary and guiding light for Karma Lakelands, Ashwani along with his trustworthy and dedicated team has reimagined a lifestyle where instead of taking mercilessly from Mother Nature, we also give back to her. As the President of Karma Lakelands, he heads the corporate functions, marketing and exploring collaborator/partnering options.


2. Salman Jafri

He has been a part of Karma Lakelands since the inception as part of the project management team of New Millennium Company Ltd. Later, he joined the Board of Directors of Karma Lakelands and since then he has been involved with the project development, construction and management divisions of the company.


3. Phil Ryan

He has been involved in the development of Karma Lakelands for over fifteen years right from project concept to site master planning and detailed designing. As a Director, he uses his acumen in international golf residential development to support the project in management, operations and marketing. He says, 'Karma is a team effort and everyone involved shares the same vision for this unique environmental lifestyle development.


4. Anu Khurana

She has been active in the businesses of real estate development. She is passionate about education and has set up the Sanskriti Sourabh Educational Society, an NGO that provides educational assistance and vocational skills to underprivileged children and elders. Karma Day Care is supported by this NGO.