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Overview of Lake 360 restaurant next to a lake at Karma Lakelands Gurgaon

Lake 360 Restaurant

An elevated deck, lake view, cool breeze, glorious flowers, and scrumptious food... in NCR! Karma Lakelands presents, LAKE 360 - an elevated experiential dining destination to create beautiful memories, whilst you enjoy the fine things in life!

Nestled amidst 300 acres of greenery in the heart of Karma Lakelands, this restaurant implores you to forget all worries whilst you enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Sauntering vistas lead you to the elevated deck where soulful music and balmy winds fill the atmosphere. Comfortable, yet chic and the lakeside views create an unparalleled vibe.

Sauntering vistas lead you to the elevated deck where soulful music and balmy winds fill the atmosphere. Mildly lit, the place smells of fresh flowers mixed with a mist fragrance from the lake. Each table in Lake 360 is softly lit and the background sound of water with jazz music makes the entire place a fallacy world.

To ensure exclusivity the deck has seating for a few. Every corner is an exploration of senses, filled with birdsongs, the sound of moving water, sultry tunes, delicious mocktails and delectable food. Come by for an eclectic experience!

An open-air fusion restaurant which offers guests the opportunity to experience a unique culinary journey, combining elements of various cultures and cuisines into one. The menu features an eclectic mix of flavors that are both familiar and exotic. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, while the outdoor setting is one of a kind, which unbeatable views of a lake and the golf course.

Call us or WhatsApp on +91 98 1850 0896 for table reservation.

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