Eco Initiatives by Karma Lakelands | Green Living in Manesar
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Eco Initiatives by Karma Lakelands

Sprawled across 300 acres of land and enveloped by lush green landscapes, Karma Lakelands indulges in multiple eco-initiatives to support the environment daily. To promote an organic way of living, Karma Lakelands partakes in manoeuvres like vermicomposting, bio composting, creating eco-bricks from discarded plastic bottles, bee farming and organic farming.

an image of a human palm holding earthworm wrapped in soil that is used for vermicomposting



Vermicomposting is one of the most sustainable agricultural practices under organic farming. This technique acts like a natural organic fertilizer prepared using earthworms to convert biodegradable components into manure. Earthworms help decompose organic components into the right carbon and nitrogen ratio to enhance vegetation's growth naturally. We at Karma Lakelands actively take steps to vermicompost with various species of worms to elevate the nutrients in the soil to improve soil fertility.

an image of a two hands joined together while holding brown colour soil with a blurry background


Bio Composting

Bio composting is the naturally aerobic degradation of organic material under controlled conditions, resulting in hummus-like compost. This method uses various micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes to break complex compounds like cellulose into oxygen-rich organic matter. In order to promote green living in Manesar, Karma Lakelands diligently engages in bio composting, which is used for soil enrichment.

a closeup view of few plastic bottles stacked together with blue and yellow caps



Karma Lakelands has always been attentive to preserving nature and looking for sustainable ways to co-exist. One such initiative we adopted was using ecobricks that serve as reusable building blocks. An ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with used plastic to create density. These bricks can be used to manufacture items like furniture, garden walls or even houses, as the bricks are highly durable. This eco-friendly idea is an excellent way to reduce plastic waste accumulation, ultimately lowering carbon emissions.

an organic green cabbage plantation showcasing beautifully grown cabbages in rows


Fresh and Organic Farming

To promote organic farming in Manesar, Karma Lakelands' in-house farmland nurtures vegetables, plants and herbs. Chemical-free agriculture is a technique that maintains, sustains and enhances the quality of our ecosystem. Fruits and vegetables organically grown are easy to digest and reduce the risk of jeopardizing one's health. This method also ensures salubrity of the soil is taken care of. Additionally, guests staying with us can tour this farm and learn more about horticulture.

a closeup view of honeybee farming where a group of bees are captured buzzing together


Bee Farming

Known as the best pollinators, bees are an integral part of the ecosystem. Therefore, Karma Lakelands' bee farming in Manesar initiative ensures to improve crop quality and health. Also, apiculture leads to the generation of honey and bee wax which is required in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. These bees are excellent agents of pollination, leading to great quality crop and vegetable yield.

With the mission to offer ourselves to mankind, Karma Lakelands aims to dwell in harmony amidst the lap of nature. On your next trip to Gurgaon, spend a luxurious vacation with us and learn more about the different initiatives we have taken over the years to maintain sustainability.