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Bee Farming

Bees are known to be the best pollinators on the planet and our bee farming initiative improves the health of the crops and plant life at Karma Lakelands. We also produce and package fresh organic honey which is tastier and healthier than mass produced products. We invite you to try the Karma Honey which is replete with enzymes and nutrients that boost immunity and helps fight local allergies.

Organic Agro Initiatives

To promote organic living, Karma Lakelands has set up a nursery to nurture plants, herb and vegetable garden for organic produce. The nursery at Karma is where we look after all varieties of plants, seasonal flowers and trees before being planted on the campus. Residents and guests can also take a tour of the nursery and learn a bit about horticulture. We promote perma culture - farming done with the help of animals and have our own mini dairy farm within the premises that works in tandem with our in-house nursery.

Water Harvesting & Conservation

To promote sustainable living, rain water at Karma Lakelands is channelized and harvested for irrigation purposes. As an initiative to avoid needless wastage of water, we encourage guests to bring in their own towels to the pool/gym. However, guests may use the Klub towels that are available.

Karma Day care

Karma Day Care is operated by the NGO - Sanskriti Sourabh. It is home for children of our staff members and from surrounding areas. Their education, clothing, food and day care is looked after by committed members & volunteers. Residents and visitors/ guests often sponsor meals on their special days and even fund the education for a number of children.

Low Carbon Footprint

Karma Lakelands strives to leave a low carbon footprint. We have planted over 2,00,000 trees and plants and use only solar water heating. The trees and plants facilitate a natural shelter for birds and animals along with providing fresh air.

Kitchen, Plastic & E - waste Management

All Kitchen-Waste from the Klub, Daycare, Chalets and Villas is sorted on site and recycled to feed our farm animals or is used for making organic compost. We also collect all Plastic-Waste which is sent for recycling. E-Waste is being processed in collaboration with Earth Sense Pvt. Ltd., where we are collecting and accepting materials like Old TV's, Computers, Electrical items, Battery Cells etc.

No Horn Policy

Karma Lakelands has a strict “No Honk” policy. Our guards respond to sight and not sound and it helps us to retain the beautiful sounds of nature for you.

Solar Energy

Our entire resort is solar energy enabled which not only provides electricity during the day but also provides shade to our Klub visitors’ cars.

Bio Composting

Our compost which is used for soil enrichment, is a collection of plant clippings/ pruning mixed with Cow dung & Sewage. The partnership of this bio mass with sewage scuttles the smell and there are no flies or mosquitos. We also actively do vermi-composting - using various species of worms to make compost.

Eco Bricks

An Eco-Brick is a plastic bottle packed to a set density with used, clean and dry plastic to achieve a building block that can be used over and over again. We are collecting as many Eco-Bricks as possible which will be used at Karma Lakelands to create installations, pathways, staircases etc. or will be passed on for road making in the future.

Say No To Plastic

At Karma Lakelands we try and say NO to all kinds of plastic. To support the initiative, we offer glass bottles for water instead of plastic bottles. We do not believe in making money by selling water and hence we provide complimentary glass bottles to be returned when guests are leaving the Klub. We also discourage the use of straws and provide Paper Straws only upon request.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Golf Courses are known to be guzzlers of water, so one can imagine what a Golf Resort of almost 300 acres would do to the ground water table. Hence, Karma Lakelands has a dedicated Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) with a capacity to treat 500,000 liters of sweage daily. The sewage is piped from National Security Guards (NSG) campus next door, Klub Karma, Villas, Chalets and surrounding areas of the resort. Treated water which is also nutrient rich is used for irrigation and horticulture of the entire resort.